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Samsung NX20 review (Part II)

(PART I here)

Part Two, the final, with the ‘art’ and conclusions:

About photos:
  • All made for non-kit lens. Some with 85/1.4, and most with 50-200/4-5.6 & 30/2.
  • Polarizing filter is sometimes useful.
  • All shots in RAW. For the tests I made few JPEGs processed inside the camera after the shooting.

I recall that many JPEG materials can be found in NX1000 review. For NX20 the result is the same.

Observations during the shooting:

Defects and problems. One time, when I switched to playback mode, the camera said - ’Error 01′ and no longer responded to my actions. I fixed it by pulling out and then inserting the battery. The main thing – no bugs during the shooting, no lost shots.

Viewfinder. The viewfinder under bright sunlight – a huge help. My conclusion is: if you want to shoot under sunlight with manual lenses – NX20 is required. If you want to really ease the process of shooting under bright sun with autofocus lens, the NX20 will really help you. This viewfinder – is really convenient.

The grip. Compact NX cameras I wear without a belt, but it seemed to me that for the NX20 it is needed. However, I forgot to attach belt before the photo-trip. I wore a camera in hand for two hours, and then more intermittently. Not tired, not dropped. Grip – excellent. On the second photo-trip I did not put on the belt, like for more compact NX.

AF speed. NX20 has a quite quick contrast AF. I did not feel discomfort. Maybe I’m just accustomed because shoot on such cameras a long time.

Swivel screen. If you’re shooting flowers, insects etc. with the inconvenient angle – you need it.

Battery. One charging was enough for 1100 shots. No joke. This is very cool. And it was the first charge of the battery! I even promise to double-check it in anyway – too fantastic result.

The compactness of the system. If we use bag, we can assume that the size of the NX20 is the same as for the smaller brothers of the system. Alone, in contrast to the NX1000, the camera does not fit in the cup holder in car. :-)

Subjectively: I like this camera a bit more than required. It really the best camera from Samsung, and at least one of the best CSC on the market. I recommend to try it in the hands, because I can not give the feel in the text. It’s a rare case when tactile feel are so good that they become important.


Test shots in RAW – you can play with it as you prefer.

Test shots in JPEG – photos converted in camera.

The images that I selected for developing in Lightroom (processing – as I like, because the test materials in the article is enough, some subjectivity is possible):



It is big, because this camera – a serious product.

Pluses and minuses.

Positive differences from N210 (NX1000) is very noticeable – the swivel screen, viewfinder, battery for more than 1000 shots (need to double-check, too surprising). Ergonomic with heavy lenses (60/2.8, 85/1.4, 50-200/4-5.6). Built-in flash can be important for somebody. Three fully programmable modes – a symptom of a semi-professional cameras. Exposure 1/8000. AMOLED screen. Two dial-wheels for changing parameters. (Type of screen and the second dial-wheel does not apply to NX210)

Payment for these differences – the size. It can be considered a pocket-sized, but with reservations. Autumn jacket, for example, with large pockets.

General advantages of the new line fully presented on the NX20: The remote viewfinder on a smartphone or tablet with Android (and iOS soon). Beginners will find a whole range of photo-processing possibilities and the ability to play with posting to social networks without transferring pictures to computer. Level gauge, etc., etc. The biggest plus – the system optics Samsung NX, which includes three compact pancake lens, with excellent performance and a few more different lenses, among them – are unique to mirrorless systems 85/1.4 and 60/2.8 macro. And Samsung is not going to stop on it.

Disadvantages of NX20 are the same for all cameras modern NX line: the inability to change most settings when recording to a memory card, and a low speed of this record. I suspect that the slight lag when switching from screen to the viewfinder has the same reason. The camera as a kind of “single-tasking.” Samsung should fix it.

Can I recommend this camera novice photographer?

Of cource. The buyer will receive all possible features in one camera. A small lack of record speed generously compensated in price. No other cameras in the market with such features and such price.

What about those who are already in the NX?

Owners of older cameras with viewfinder (NX10-NX11) can update immediately – they will receive the following:

  • Shutter speed 1/8000 sec.
  • 3 Custom modes
  • Advanced customization of the buttons
  • Improved grip
  • Swivel screen
  • Sensor 20mpx
  • ISO1600 working
  • Improved EVF
  • Battery for 1100 shots
  • Level gauge
  • Two dials
  • The scale of the distance to the focal point for some lenses

In fact, the differences between the new NX20 and old NX10 (11) – global. This is totally two different cameras, only form factor the same.

More difficult to make a choice for owners of the younger series NX210 (200)-NX1000: compactness plays against the swivel screen and the viewfinder, with equal performance, and most importantly – with 100% identical shooting results. So, my opinion – if you want a small camera for every day in pocket, use the NX1000 (210), if you shoot a lot and carry a stack of lenses in bag, then you need NX20. If you combine these two approaches you can take both cameras.

I hope my review helpful.

And suggestions – are welcome.

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  1. Thanks for the review. Looks like a great camera – meeting the needs of serious photo amateurs.

    If only it was a bit less expensive…


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