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Samsung NX200 vs NX100 – JPEGs


I do not agree with yesterday’s test on dpreview. It too .. not like what I get, taking the camera NX200. So I did my own comparison.

Here’s their test.

I made a two screenshots (clickable):


Scary? :)

Of course, I had to try a similar test with my own hands, even with two cameras: NX200 and NX100.


30/2, f5.6, 1/100, 7000K, RAW+jpg (super fine), jpg-Normal

These basic parameters are not changed, I just walked with them on all the ISO. The purpose of the test – do not compare the noise. Only – a comparison of JPEGs in equal conditions.

The scene:

Pencils are slightly tilted, just keep in mind that the focus is in the middle of the picture – on a tree near the symbolic bear.

(By the way, the color can be compared too. Maybe later I’ll try to investigate and write something about the color.)

Here’s what I got (clickable):

The purpose of this test – do not compare the noise. Just – a comparison of paired JPEGs.

Uncompressed PNG for meticulous readers can be downloaded HERE (15 mb)

Sources NX100 (RAW + JPG) - HERE

Sources NX200 (RAW + JPG) – HERE

Do you agree with the fact that this result is far from that which was proposed dpreview.com?  It seems that the error occurred.

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